Underfloor Heating Glasgow by Incognito

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For the heating of private and public buildings, the trend is unmistakably underfloor heating. There are several good reasons for that. Not just the living comfort and health are important decision-making criteria, but also efficiency and sustainability benefit from underfloor heating. 
With floor heating, you save on heating costs.

Underfloor Heating Glasgow by Incognito 


Underfloor heating uses radiant heat, giving you a pleasant warmth experience at a lower water temperature. This has a beneficial effect on the relative humidity of the room. The space feels much warmer than with radiator heating or air heating. But that’s not the only reason why underfloor heating is the most comfortable way of heating. With the heating systems of Underfloor heating Glasgow, the system warms your entire floor surface. Cold spots on the floor and draughts are a thing of the past. The space is much more evenly heated. To cut a long story short: a hot head with cold feet is highly unlikely with underfloor heating. 

Lower energy bills

The heating systems designed and installed by underfloor heating Glasgow is particularly designed to be energy efficient. It goes without saying that a lower air temperature of several degrees has a positive effect on your energy bills. Evenly spread temperature distribution and low water temperatures increases the efficiency. And that gives you a saving of around 15% of your energy usage. And that without compromising on comfort.

Complete freedom of interior design and layout

The complete heating installation is build in the floor. You have no distracting radiators in the rooms and therfore you can freely organize the space.


With underfloor heating, dustmovements are a thing of the past. After all the air circulation with underfloor heating is minimal. No radiators mean far less dust gatherings and you have no more urea vapor cuased by dust settlements on hor surfaces. Especially for people with allergies or respiratory diseases that is a very much an advantage.

Free cooling

You can also cool your House with the existing underfloor heating installation. You must have access to cold water. But that can be delivered by a refrigarationl machine or by means of a heat pump. Certainly in the case of a heat pump, you just need to run the circulation pump and that means that the floor cools at virtually no costs at all.