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Transport and Transportation

This is your new business partner for EU transport

Transporting goods is something that needs to be done efficiently, safely, and as fast as possible. Y&O handles every type of transport within the EU as if it were their own goods. The experienced staff members offer fitting solutions, even when it seems impossible to you. Your goods can be transported by air cargo, ground, or maritime transport. Combinations are, of course, also possible. Y&O’s mission is to unburden you, so you can go on with your business as usual.

Discover the endless possibilities of this company

Maybe you have never arranged transportation before, maybe you are too busy to think about the best solution for quick shipping. Whatever your reason may be, Y&O can handle transport within the EU for you. Even if you have a last-minute request, they help you as quickly as possible and offer the best solution for your goods. Even specialized transport within the EU is a possibility. Do you need to transport chemical goods, medical or health products to a destination within the EU? These are goods that have got strict package and storage guidelines. Luckily, Y&O has over twelve years of experience and knows how to transport fragile and special goods like no other. Do your products need temporary storage? This company has spacious storage opportunities in the Netherlands: a location that is easily accessible for EU transport.

Great value for your money

Outsourcing safe, effective, and fast transport in the EU can be expensive. However, in Y&O you have found a business partner that offers amazing value for your money. By unburdening from beginning to end, you must worry less and are assured of your goods being at their destination in time. Please, do not hesitate to call Y&O, send them an email, or request a quote via their website. The employees will get you going in no time.