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Lively home realised in Newcastle

In the new branche of the Newcastle public library (NPL) on the lively Times Square it is all about knowledge, meeting people and gaining inspiration. A contemporary ‘ third place ‘, focused on the neighborhood and its inhabitants, to a design concept of ‘creative guide’ Scott Anderson, in collaboration with Amos Beech interior designers.

Are libraries in this day and age of large-scale online reading still of this time? At the Newcastle public library (NPL) they certainly think so. At the same time, the NPL also recognised that their offices were in need of an update. Therefore, the organisation sends a breath of fresh air through the various locations. Both the new locations as well as the existing libraries are transformed into attractive public ‘third places’, tailored to the needs of the immediate vicinity. “This cooperation with at least one partner from another discipline, from catering to social or cultural organisations”, tells a spokesman about the change process.”

For the interior design of the offices and public spaces of the new location of the NPL in Newcastle was called on Amos Beech. They are specialised in the development of break-out spaces, offices and public places for a wide audience. “Because people meet, in places such as NPL Times Square, it is creating social cohesion and makes room for innovation and initiative,” said Anderson.

(image credit: Photographer Stirling)

The new location in the former tax office, with a total area of 1,150 square metres, has a strong inviting character with its high entrance and natural light. Who enters NPL Times Square, will immediately notice the wide and 4.5 metres high staircase on the left stand. A vital link between the ground floor and the first floor, the two layers of the new library. A multifunctional staircase where tthat can also be sat on thanks to the large pillows and that acts as a stand during presentations. Anderson: “The staircase refers in a strong way to the staircase outside in the street, which connect the two levels of the Times Square in Newcastle. The interior is part of the urban space. ” The former office location is transformed into an urban living room with a refreshing piece of design. A co-creation of Scott Andesron and Amos Beech interior designers.