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IF Depay review and cheap FIFA 19 coins

TOTW9 isn’t one that will live long in the recollections of FUT Managers, except if you bet everything on Jonas Hector before the Jadon Sancho POTM SBC… the multiple times it was discharged. Pressing SIF Reus would not have been too terrible either but rather after that the bar starts to drop to a lower level of player. Flying somewhat under the radar is the 5 STAR SKILL, lightning brisk Dutchman, Memphis Depay. Indeed it was my FUT Champs player picks driving me toward my next survey, and I figured out how to fit him in close by CL Live Griezmann with little trouble.

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I generally do my exploration preceding getting into my surveys and in going over the value scopes of 100 – 150k strikers I understood that there is a pleasant chance to think about a portion of these players. Time is dependably an issue thus I needed to center around the correlation among Depay and Wissam Ben Yedder who are fundamentally the same as in cost. In the event that I had extra time I would be extremely intrigued to perceive how 86 IF Werner and 86 CL Live Benzema coordinate to Depay and Yedder also. Upon more intensive take a gander at Depay’s insights I chosen to run with the SNIPER science style particularly for the completing reward. According to my last survey I played Memphis close by CL Live Griezmann as the left striker in the 4-2-2-2 development. Depay was Walking in Memphis in the accompanying squad:


At 91 ACCELERATION and 88 SPRINT SPEED Memphis Depay is now in the best section of speedsters in FIFA 19. I understand why a few chiefs would pick the HAWK or considerably HUNTER science style yet it isn’t important. Memphis has a finish equip that coordinates M’bappe’s off of the ball pace and is simply marginally slower when spilling on the ball. Depay will prevail upon footraces all the pitch and would add a danger to any squad.

Pace Rating: 9.4/10

Shooting and Dribbling 

I chose to irregularity shooting and spilling together as they were both affected by the expansion of the SNIPER science style. From the shooting viewpoint I didn’t see the 3 STAR WEAK FOOT past your ordinary mishits that occur every once in a while. On the off chance that somebody had let me know (and I had not looked) that this card has a 4 Star Weak Foot amid my audit I wouldn’t have addressed them. It could have something to do with the 95 FINISHING profiting from the SNIPER supports, however I was glad to accept on left footed open doors when they emerged. 80+ LONG SHOTS, SHOT POWER, and VOLLEYS give Depay a lot of shoot power and 90 CURVE is a colossal wonderful finish. I found that the artfulness shots were not as OP as different players I have checked on and I depended a ton on power for my objectives. While the shooting is upgraded, I didn’t have as much achievement while spilling. I am not simply discussing the absence of speed advancing; everything Depay does on the ball feels slow and toiled. The main clarification I can discover is that Depay seems greater on the field than he ought to be. Maybe it is a hallucination however Depay did great noticeable all around this end of the week and even scored a couple of headed objectives while battled with deftness, which is the correct inverse of Griezmann who should be a similar stature. 5 STAR SKILLS are a special reward and just add to the perplexity I felt while utilizing this card. 

Shooting Rating: 8.6/10     Spilling Rating: 7/10

Guarding and Passing

Nothing stunning in both of these classes from the end of the week. Depay can pass the ball from Point A to Point B with insignificant complain and contributed with 13 helps. I will state that I have not played the 4-2-2-2 arrangement all the time this year and it clearly prompts a focal point of objectives and aids the front two instead of scoring by board of trustees. Not an awful thing, but rather it inflates insights in a way and Depay profited from Griezmann’s prosperity around objective also. Then again this development makes an entire absence of safeguarding prerequisites from the front two and leaves a guarded rating unthinkable.

Passing Rating: 7.5/10

Safeguarding Rating: N/A


I sincerely think there is something up with Depay’s player architype and it is a colossal advantage in the physical office. Memphis stands taller and more grounded than he is intended to be and this was critical to his hold up play amid the end of the week. 82 STRENGTH plays a factor with heading and clutching the ball in swarmed regions making a fantastic target man, who additionally has the pace to get in behind. 81 STAMINA is ideal for a ST and I wouldn’t recommend this card as a CAM in any case, so a non-issue for me.

Physical Rating: 8/10

Last Score

Last Rating: 7.7/10


These last evaluations are constantly hard to choose and afterward legitimize. On one hand you can’t just take the above appraisals at a normal and abandon it at that. On the other you need to think about that reality, “am I rating Player An against past evaluations? Or then again should I rate Player A dependent on the cards/players accessible in FUT at this moment?” As cards dynamically get more grounded I think it is imperative to think about where these cards remain in FUT at the present time thus I ordinarily think about the last contention. Luckily for this situation Wissam Ben Yedder is as yet a card in standard utilize so I can really do both. I gave Ben Yedder a 7.5/10, regardless I think he is around there, and in contrasting the two I do feel that Depay just somewhat tips him in quality. I believe that the two man striker framework hurt Depay as far as objectives and as a solitary striker he would have had a higher return and unquestionably helped my contention. I will state that at last speed is dependably a key factor and Depay has all that anyone could need to give rivals issues. Maybe after this end of the week he will likewise be useful for science when we get a Hero ST Van Dijk? We can dream right? Cheers for perusing.