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How to bring Italy to your own home

A while back you have been on holiday to beautiful Italy, but after a while you start to miss the “vino”, the pizzas and the pastas. And then you wish to have a little bit of Italy in your own home. This is very easy to do. In this article we give you a few tips to get the beautiful and romantic Italy to your home.

Eat and drink just like in Italy

The most important thing for the Italians is food. Think of the famous Italian dishes like pizza, pasta, focaccia, lasagna and so on. There are endless possibilities. Of course, it is also very nice to have your friends and family over. Invite a couple of friends or family and put a nice Italian dish in front of them. For example, you can choose to make your own pizza or lasagna and take some time to do it well. If you find that too much trouble, you can also choose to go to a restaurant. Make sure that the restaurant uses genuine authentic ingredients such as an authentic Italian pizza base. This way you can maintain the real Italian feeling.

Get some peace and quiet

Now that more and more people choose to work from home, your home can feel like less of a place to relax. You might not be on a vacation in Italy, but that is not an excuse to keep on working your butt off. It is very important to be able to take your rest at home so that you won’t get too close to a burn out. One recommendation we can give you is to plan your own time to relax. During your day, take time to relax. Don’t plan appointments, and don’t leave your phone on so you can’t be disturbed. Choose to grab a moment to relax and sit in the sun to get the Italian feeling.

A romantic moment with you significant other

As you may have noticed in Italy, Italy is the land of passionate love and they are passionate about love. It is important to keep that love and passion at home, and give that extra attention to your loved one. How do you do this? Organize a date evening at least once a week together with a home-made pizza or pasta and enjoy it in candlelight without telephones and with good food. That way you can get that worry-free feeling of Italy back a little.