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Here you arrange a successful car import from the USA

Do you want to import cars from foreign countries in order to get a unique car? Marlog Car Handling is the specialist you need to arrange the entire car import process from countries such as the USA, Canada and Japan. This company has built a lot of experience in the car trading field since 2000. Its specialists can provide you the best services to import a foreign car and take all aspects of the process out of your hands. If you want to outsource parts of a specific car import, then you are free to indicate your preferences. This way, Marlog Car Handling is the perfect partner to arrange a successful car import from distant countries.

Benefit from experts in the area of worldwide car import and export

When you want to import a car from the USA, different regulations are involved to be taken into account. This also counts for other countries, with their own import and export legislation. With the help of Marlog Car Handling, a company which has grown to become one of the largest importers in all of Europe, you are able to complete all the steps of car import from the USA without unexpected problems. Their specialist have made this possible by forging many fruitful contacts with foreign companies in the car trading field. The scale in which this company operates is huge, it applies an efficient way of working and always finds the most cost-effective solution. Do you need advice when you want to import a car from the USA by yourself? Then Marlog Car Handling is also the place to be.

A bespoke solution based on your goals and preferences

This company has worked with many clients over the years, such as collectors, gearheads, and business partners. Not only efficiency and cost-effectiveness are core values of Marlog Car Handling, but also security and safety. Think of subsequent transport, high-quality pick-up and shipping services and accurate documentation. You may also count on a fair payment process. Get in touch with their specialists and enquire after a solution based on your goals and preferences.