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Get to know this retail design agency

Claessens Erdmann is a retail design agency located in Amsterdam, but both nationally and internationally active. So, when you need your retail space renewed, do not hesitate to contact this agency. The team consists of many specialists with different qualities. (Interior) architects, designers, strategists, engineers and graphic designers are all working together towards the best results for your space. Do you already have a product, price and promotion plan? Great! Now, it is time to think about the space where you sell your product. Of course, this needs to be visually attractive and triggering for your specific target group. That is where this retail design agency steps in.

How this agency creates beautiful spaces

Are you curious about how this retail design agency became so successful in creating beautiful spaces? First of all, they do this by understanding your specific target audience. Conducting target audience analyses is what gives these specialists insight in your customers’ wishes and needs. With this information, they are able to actively create spaces that fulfill these needs. For example, take a look at the project they completed for Kruidvat. A modern and convenient shopping experience was the goal, and that goal was met by creating more prominent health and beauty sections for example. Find out more about other clients by scrolling through their website!

Get inspired by this agency

Do you want to find out more about this retail design agency? Read their insights, journal and more about the company by taking a closer look at their website. You will definitely be inspired to bring out the best in your retail space. Do you have a space in another industry, like food or leisure? Claessens Erdmann is your new business partner! Would you like to speak to one of the specialists? Give them a call or send them an email.