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Craziest Things to do in London


When you think of London, what hits your mind first? Lets us give you a sneak peek into what is the most typical image of London. Red buses, black London cabs, brick buildings and the royal family? Well, that might not be wrong but what if we tell you that if you leave the boundaries of your hotel in London, you’ll know how you’ve been missing on a lot more activities that you might not find anywhere else in the world? Roll your sleeves guys! Let’s change your image of London and turn it something into a lot more adventurous.

Clowns Gallery

We understand your fear of clowns but you just cannot miss this. Did you know that it was a ‘clown’ rule that two of them could not have the same makeup? So in order to differentiate one from the other, the makeup artists used to paint faces on eggs. The Clowns Gallery in London has a vast collection of 200 eggs, smiling back right at you!

Lee Valley White Water Centre

Tired of house bound in a room of your hotel in London? Looking for an adventure? Lucky for you that you get a chance to go out and enjoy an Olympic experience. That’s right! This spot which was a part of the London Olympic Games 2017 welcomes its guests for thrill-packed, spinning, sliding and nose dunking rafting experience. This is surely to get your adrenaline rush swooshing! Not a rafting fan? You can always go to the café bar which overlooks the course and makes the visit worth the effort.

House of Dreams

A house not made of dreams exactly, but something so unexpected. In a normal looking street, like the one where your hotel in London is, there is a house which opens to the public for just a few days in a year but is enough to mesmerize you for a lifetime and a half. The artist Stephen Wright has taken the concept ‘one man’s trash is the other man’s treasure’ way too seriously. Every surface is not a surface but a mosaic artwork and the house is full of every useless thing you can think of; a pencil lead, hair bands or bottle caps. Cleanliness freaks and minimalism fans should totally stay away.

Dans Le Noir

Confused right? So were we but when we got to know what this place is all about, it tops our favorite’s list. This restaurant gives you perfect chance to acknowledge your senses and put them to work most efficiently. When you enter the restaurant, you are told to choose one of the four color coded menus and then you are lead to a pitch dark basement. All the time you eat your food, it is dark and you are required to make use of your senses. In London, Dans le Noir is a hot, despite the fact that you can’t take a picture of your food and show off on your social media.

Thank us later for pulling you out of your hotel rooms and pushing you to see the London people seldom know, the London you’d want to visit again and again. Happy vacation!

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