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A cost-friendly way to create a cable safe working environment

Safety on the work floor is of course very important and it doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive to improve the safety. Do you want to contribute to a safer working environment for you and your employees? Please take a look at what ISP has to offer you. This company sells various safety products for industries such as refineries, chemical plants, automotive, offshore and marine for instance. With the right safety products, you can create a risk-free environment for everyone. Do you work a lot with cables and wires for instance? Then have a look at the safety hooks and cable guards from ISP, which are great for making your work floor a safe place.

Prevent tripping hazards and other risks with these safety products

Do you want to prevent tripping hazards and the damaging of important cables and wires? Then you best buy the safety hooks and cable guards from ISP to create a cable safe working environment. These safety hooks and cable guards are made from the best materials and hardly require any maintenance. Therefore, the products are cost-friendly and very effective for various industries. Furthermore, the safety hooks are ATEX-proof, TÜV-tested and corrosion-free. You certainly will buy a product that is of the best quality at ISP.

Find out more about the characteristics of the safety hooks

The safety hooks that you can get from ISP have various advantages. They are bright yellow coloured for extra visibility and thus, extra safety. They are also easy to use with one hand and are available in four different sizes. It saves you a lot of time and effort to use these safety hooks instead of bundling the cables and wires with tie wraps for instance. Do you want to buy these safety hooks and cable guards for a safe working environment? Ask the experts of ISP for a quotation.